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Residence Behind is a strategy RPG Survival game from Coconut Island Games. Their still in Unreleased Variation but it has so many great contents to enjoy. Originally released on PC its finally available on Android and it is in English Language. Truly first heard this game few months back it’s an RPG strategy survival game which I’m really into. the sole problem was and it wouldn’t first hit Steam this was actually in another dialect. there was an Hard anodized cookware language of some kind there were no English subtitles the UI was also in another language. so I didn’t play it on PC nevertheless Residence Behind APK MOD finally available in English and its on Android.

Down load Home Behind APK IMOD Free Download on Google android 1 ) 1. zero
This is a very cool looking game, all this centers around the idea that to lived your land was really overtaken by rebels. in which civil warfare going on which means you have to flee to European countries along the way use you additionally lose track of your family as well so it’s a really interesting little cool game. Its an offline High grade game with NO IAP however Home Behind IMOD APK can be used for Free Crafting and even more.

The first thing you will have to do is select our job we now have farmer worker beginner salesman and thief and then you unlock more as you play more. the sport itself and all additional skills and things that can help you out with your trip itself. thief gives you plus two agility plus1 intelligence five percent precision and also gets you had better with flexibility based weapons. your feelings loss is reduced while stealing you have a higher chance to take double the items loot. your infamy will increase more quickly you are a thief with adaptable limbs and a quick mind keep you provided you are carrying some stolen items that’s very interesting. Interesting idea of Residence Behind APK MOD makes it more worthy play. Hours and hours of fun relaxing gameplay and something new to test your Android devices.

Top features of Home Behind: –
Incredibly Done Unique Gameplay
Arbitrarily Generated Events and Encounters
Survival Gameplay Like feelings, nutrition, and water levels
Different 15 jobs to do and Unlock more readily
Survive in Day or night or in several condition
Collect and Craft numerous different survival items
Make meals your own food from lizards, Insects Braised gound beef
Fight different enemies like wild beasts or military

Requires Android: 2.3 and Up

Version: 1.1.0


Download Home Behind APK MOD Android Offline Survival RPG 1.1.0 – Android Games HD


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