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Download Ellp – PC Software Handling your mobile devices, software and computers, and the multitudes of tasks that they run, can become a tad irksome. With numerous social media documents, various computer devices and monotonous tasks to keep track of, it can become time consuming to ensure everything does what should do, when it should do it. Software tools can help greatly in this regard. Ellp is one such iphone app that is very user friendly and can be constructed in only a few moments.
Ellp empowers you to set your own rules and easily systemize a huge number of everyday device tasks. Ellp is founded on the ‘if-this-then-that’ concept, which is applied mainly to linked software. It uses simple reasoning to run automation jobs that are specifically taken out on your blend of devices.

Ellp can be configured to operate responsibilities such as automatically keeping your tagged Facebook photographs to a preferred directory, or notifying you when you download the same file multiple times. It could even be configured to open up YouTube each time you plug in your headphones! With Ellp the probabilities are (nearly) endless.

Ellp uses a card system to perform and automate jobs. Cards are simple guidelines that govern a device’s behavior. For instance, a card may say ‘at dawn, mute requirements. ‘ This allows you to specify a particular time which your device is scheduled to change off its speakers. Cards can be set for several automation tasks, such as opening a site when you turn on your computer, or open a specific music player or website each time you put in your headphones, and many others.

The card layouts make it simple to identify its task at-a-glance. Playing cards are sorted into categories, which cover general themes such as power use, storage, performance, and security. Establishing cards is uncomplicated and as soon as you have configured your cards in each category, you are all placed. Cards can be flipped off, if you would rather manage the job manually, and tasks can be altered whenever you want you choose.

Overall, Ellp is a clean looking and attractive iphone app that is very easy to use. It is a new take on the device management/automation concept, which it pulls off rather well. Ellp is lightweight, utilizes hardly any system resources, and it has a volume of categories, which is often configured only the way your like things done, therefore conserving you minutes, if not hours, of time.


Title: Ellp 0.9.27 Beta
Filename: EllpSetup.exe
File size: 3.65MB (3,830,048 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware

Download Ellp – PC Software

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Download Ellp

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