Download Galaxy Funder v9.8 – WooCommerce Crowdfunding System – WordPress Plugin


Download Galaxy Funder v9.8 – WooCommerce Crowdfunding System – WordPress Plugin Galaxy Funder is a Preserve What You Raise Crowdfunding System built on top of WooCommerce and is also abundant in features. It is a WooCommerce Extension WordPress tool. Using Galaxy Funder you can run your own Crowdfunding site or add the Campaigns for Crowdfunding on top of your existing WooCommerce Shop. You can use any Repayment Gateway supported by WooCommerce.

Please note that Galaxy Funder works on the Shop Page as comes after i. e. on the Shop Page you may not get the contribution field for the user to enter into the contribution amount but will be linked to the Individual item Web page so the user comes to the Single Merchandise Page to make the contribution.
Galaxy Funder Crowdfunding Campaign

Each Campaign creation is similar to creating a WooCommerce Simple Merchandise. In the Simple Item Page you have the choice to Enable Galaxy Funder which when checked out ON will turn the Simple Product into a Crowdfunding Campaign.

Galaxy Funder supports two types of Crowdfunding Campaigns.

1. Fund-collecting by CrowdFunding
It is the regular type of running a Crowdfunding Plan for raising funds.

sequel payments on your Merchandise Purchase by CrowdFunding
In the event someone wants to buy one or more products in your site but he/she doesn? t have money to buy then the buyer can create a Crowdfunding campaign to buy the products. The buyer may then promote the campaign with his/her friends for funding. Once the goal amount (which is the product price) is reached then the products are automatically added to the campaign creator? t My Account purchases.

Galaxy Funder supports Perks/Rewards for every single Crowdfunding Campaign.

You can also give an Item from the WooCommerce Store as a Perk/Reward. This kind of way you can Promote Fundraising Products and increase funds using Crowdfunding.

Keep What You Increase Crowdfunding Type
Complete and Powerful Crowdfunding System
Developed over WooCommerce
Perk/Reward Guideline Characteristic
Crowdfunding Purpose – Fundraising / Product Buy
Front Campaign Submission for People
Back End Marketing campaign Creation for Moderators
Posting Options for Campaign Distribution, Approval, Rejection, Deletion and Completion
Each Campaign can show the Contributor Desk as per Admin Options
Each user can see their Campaigns in their My Account Page
Advertising campaign End Method – Concentrate on Date, Target Goal and Campaign Never Ends
Bonus Name and Perk Sum in Contribution Table with Show/Hide
Confirm Dialog Package for Removing Perk Regulation from Front-end
Custom Success/Error Messages for Front End Campaign Submission
Perk Dining room table Settings are Personalized
Advantage Table Position is Personalized
Perk Error Message in Error Message Configurations
Multiple Perks Selection Backed
Benefits Quantity Selection Reinforced
Shortcode Generator to Show the Campaign anywhere in Webpage, Post, Sidebar etc
Furniture are Responsive, Searchable, Sortable and Page Size adaptable
Contribution by PayPal can be directly sent to Campaign Founder
PayPal Adaptable Split Payment Gateway included in Galaxy Funder to split the Payment between Admin and Campaign Inventor
Inbuilt/Custom Design using CSS
Extensive Customization Choices
WPML Compatible
Translation All set
and more
How to Up grade to a newer version of Galaxy Funder?

In the event that you are using an older version and want to upgrade to the latest version of Galaxy Funder then please do the following steps.

one particular. Deactivate and Delete the existing version of Galaxy Funder in your site.
2. Download the latest version file (galaxyfunder. zip) of Galaxy Funder from Codecanyon.
3. Unzip galaxyfunder. zip inside which you will see the Plugins data files i. e. gf. squat.
4. Install the latest version of Galaxy Funder i. e. gf. squat using WordPress Dashboard.
5. Activate the Plugin.

Download Galaxy Funder v9.8 – WooCommerce Crowdfunding System – WordPress Plugin

Download Galaxy Funder


Download Galaxy Funder Download Galaxy Funder

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