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ModernShop is the Complete Mobile phone App Solution for Woocommerce Store. You can use Modernshop to hook up to your woocommerce Store, then upload your software to Google Play, Apple Shop, Windows Store… Maketing for your store out of this iphone app and get more customer, more money… from your woocommerce app. Benefits for Retailers 1. You have a woocommerce mobile iphone app on Google Play, Apple Store… with low priced 2. Send Notification to customer who installed your woocommerce iphone app when update products or on any Advertising Campaign from WordPress 3. Make your business as professional 4. Free marketing your store, get more customer, more sales, more orders, more income… with low cost from mobile marketing 5. Free attract more traffic when customer share products from woocommerce mobile iphone app. 6. Etc… Benefits for customers 1. Get latest information about store, about discount, Sale Off, Discount… 2. View Products, List, Search, Bookmark, Checkout… from other mobile 3. Manager user’s orders, cancel, track Purchase State… from their mobile. It truly is simple for customer 4. Review, Comment, Ranking Product from mobile Iphone app Features Compatible 100% to Woocommerce Automatic synchronous Obligations from your woocommerce store to mobile app: if your store enabled any payment gateways from woocommerce, they may immediately show & focus on your mobile software. In the event you disabled/removed any repayment gateways from woocommerce, they will immediately hidden from customer’s mobile app… Semi-automatic or fully automatic synchronous shipping method from your woocommerce store to mobile app: if your store enabled, created, available any shipping method from woocommerce, they may immediately show & focus on customer’s mobile app. In case you disabled/removed any shipping method from woocommerce, they will immediately invisible on your mobile iphone app… Push Notification from WordPress website: you can send any notification to a product, category… So The moment user get a notice, they will click notice to spread out software for view product on your iphone app (it is very simple and very good for marketing) strong> Support 100% to Voucher, Tax, multiple Tax, No cost Shipping Support all kind of product in woocommerce: Simple product, Grouped product, External/Affiliate product, Variable product Support Review, Comment, Score products from Mobile Iphone app Allow Guest Checkout or Customer (logged in) study Customer can manage their Orders, View Order Details, Cancel their Orders, trail Order State… from their mobile app Bookmark products, Manage bookmark from Mobile phone App of User Infinite Category, Subcategory: Filter by Product features (dynamic data from your store to mobile app), price… Sort out from Category page Get in touch with us throught a form: Message to email to admin of store Synchronous Stock, Price, low price, Photos… for every single Product Rating Software on Google play or Apple store About us, Terms of Use, Personal privacy policy page: Allow modify content there pages from WordPress, so you can adjust it anytime Sign in/Sign Up, Update Profie from mobile app Auto packing when user scrolling Support Pull-to-refresh to reload data in readltime Change Account, Avatar… Forgot Password from mobile app Include Admod, Google Analytic Translate to the languages easy from one File in Software Supported RTL language get Location (country, city, address) based GPS DEVICE Zoom +/- product pictures when view Product Fine detail etc…

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Download ModernShop

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